Bite-Sized: Swatow

11pm and every table’s full as the Opaque Dancer and I sit down to eat. Thick chow mein noodles tossed and browned in soy. Three seafood (scallops, shrimp, squid spirals) and veggies, broccoli predominantly. Scrubbed-clean metal pots of steaming jasmine tea. Just what you need on a cold night.

Bite-Sized: Tacos 101

Over reliant on tomato, both our carnita and chicken tacos were dry and placid, consumed rather than savoured. The fish taco effectively balanced cabbage, crunchy batter, white fish, and sweet mango. The warm decor featured bright colours and Luchador masks, but music so loud the Strange Baker and I couldn’t hear each other. Tacos 101 …

Bite-Sized: Sushi Time

A fresh and varied chirashi bowl for myself and an expansive vegetarian bento box for the Cheery Milliner made for a filling dinner between cozy wooden walls illuminated by soft lamps. Sushi Time’s fare was casual Japanese. The fried cheese was a curious experiment that didn’t quite reach its mark. Sushi Time 325 Queen St …