Haru Korean Kitchen

I sit on the bench and watch the line of trendy vancouverites trial out the door. I came in between waves of lunch rush, slipping in as the swells form and go. Clean white walls, pale wood tables, and soft lighting make for a smooth ambience full of chattering tables.

Meat and Bread was closed for construction, but Korean sounded a pan. I’m not disappointed. A hot plate of spicy osam bulgogi’ sizzling in a mound atop its thin, cast iron hot pate lands on my table beside the bowl of purple rice and the handles two mason jar glasses holding scalding tea and frigid water. I devour my lunch and let myself recline, watching the diners and the olive apron-wearing staff go about their respective routines.

This was a wonderful spot to tuck oneself away and enjoy the sweet-spice of korean cuisine. If you’re in the neighbourhood, definitely poke your nose in for lunch. It’s well worth meal; that, or I’m developing an addiction to go chu jang. Both are very likely.

Haru Korean Kitchen
324 Cambie St., Vancouver V6B 2NB

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