Duke of Richmond

While waiting out two and a half hour service for a new battery, I decided on a tavern nearby instead of heading home and then back. Already a pint of Guinness in before I sequestered myself in a squashy black booth, I decided on lunch instead of further drink.

The waitstaff are all smiles, red shirts holding back buxom enticements to buy more drinks, short black, pleated skirts to remind you that, no, really, you’re in a a downtown financial district pub. Didn’t you want distraction from your loveless marriage? The three tables of leering businessmen certainly were constantly reminded. They left before my food came, thank gods. I hoped tipped well.

Instead of the $17 bacon burger (I still can’t justify a burger over $15 yet), I opted for two of the starters, a battered haddock taco and a mini burger and fires, each $6. I could have something else and bring myself up to the price of my burger, thus fulfilling the same cost.

And filling both the taco, mini burger, and fries were. While the taco’s shell was the half-soft, half-crisp crunch of a lightly toasted thin pita, its haddock was filling, the bed of red cabbage upon which it sweet, and the minced toppings untroubling. The slider, a thin patty between a cute bun, devoid of toppings or frills, was splashed with lines of the provided ketchup and mustard, and it did its job, though not something I would have again. Still, the fries were gold and crisp and filled the space between bites.

Sometimes it’s better to be functional than inventive, doubly so with bar food.

Duke of Richmond
20 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5H 3R3

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