Cartems donuts

Donuts and hot chocolate for dessert in keeping with Vancouver’s Hot Chocolate Festival winding down. Tall ceilings and modern art hang on the walls.

The campfire hot chocolate comes with a chewy s’more on a stick, not very graham cracker, but a pleasant lump of marshmallow. Not too sweet but frothy and smoky.

Three donuts split in thirds. A puffy vanilla bean torus was too large and doughy, though its glaze was well painted over the treat. A chocolate donut drizzled with a salted caramel was well balanced and not too overpowering, though I couldn’t taste the punch of salt that usually accompanies the confection. Our third, my highlight by far, was the hazelnut mocha with amaretto and nutmeg; flavouring close to the hazelnut torte I make with family some years.

Students toil with headphones in. A couple plays jenga tucked away in a corner. A cute barista in a grey sweater and a shiny black bob smiles and froths milk. Good place to snack and sit.

Cartems donuts
3040 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 2H1

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