A&W’s Airport Breakfast

The painfully synth syrup congealed like spilled blood on my plate as travellers and air commuters wander past. Some stride with a purpose, heading to their gate with the grim determination of people with a job to do. A woman tows a child behind her; the young boy clutches a pillow. He wears pyjamas and snow boots.

Another early morning flight, and I find myself hungry and trying to avoid coffee. Maybe I can sleep some of the next few hours. Breakfast sounds better than Thai or Italian. It’s not yet 8:00am.

A&W, of all places, offers a respectable breakfast. Two pancakes, two eggs sunny side up (with only a nickel-sized patch of undercooked, glossy whites), two greasy rashers of bacon, two soggy links, and two pale and depressed slices of tomato served on two oval ceramic places. Me thinks the symmetry distracts from what little taste there is, that is to say sugar, salt, and synth signs of both on top.

Despite the syrup forming an awkward skin after seconds of hitting the plate, you can do a lot worse for airport food. It’s a filling meal for under $10, hard to find between the overpriced everything. Between the grease and scuffed ceramic ovals, I was left with a distinct greasy spoon vibe. I’m not sure if that’s commendable from a fast food chain, but it wasn’t a horrible way to start a day of travel.

A&W’s Airport Breakfast
Terminal 1, Pearson Airport

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