Johnny G’s Cafe

The Violet Heathen and I wanted a drink and were wandering down Parliament. What looked like a dingy pub from the outside, Johnny G’s, turned out to be a dingy greasy spoon breakfast spot. It being the middle of the afternoon, we asked after a drink, but our choices were a pitcher of Canadian. Neither of us were so desperate as to drink Canadian.

We both chose burgers (“Best Burger in the City!” apparently), which turned out to be fairly good, meaty and comforting in right amounts. A classic, low-light, end of shift we’re closing now of course we’ll wait get out please style of food. Hot coffee and a full belly for a decent price.

That said, we’ve been inside, so we need never go back. I suffer so you don’t have to. Do not bother.

Johnny G’s Cafe
478 Parliament St, Toronto M4X 1P2

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