First Attempt: Pork Tongue

Experimentation sometimes produces amazing results, but the vast majority of times it’s a reminder that the status quo is quo for a reason, despite our hopes of discovery.

That is to say that my adventure into cooking tongue wasn’t as fruitful as I aspired, but such is the mundane truth of science.

“Not worth it” would be the summary. Pork tongue’s neutral flavours weren’t anything special, their texture no more unique than other offals offer. The cook time was prohibitively long (about 3 hours) and seasoning wasn’t much beyond what flavours were added, maybe with an edge of rubber and iron, but again, those can be found better. Even the price point, $3 for three pork tongue, is beat by the litre of chicken hearts for $2.50 or a pack of kidneys for $3, both of which can be cooked within 10 minutes, served in many different ways, and each has their own unique flavours and textures.

Unless you’ve got tongue lying around and need to make use of it (so if you’ve hunted something with a tongue and don’t want it to go to waste; or do they still sell those clear plastic sacks of various offal? Either way), don’t bother. There are better uses of your time and effort.

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